Tuotenumero 1890553

Zildjian Wind Gong Mallet

Yarn mallet for more airy and delicate gong sounds.

The Zildjian Wind Gong Mallet is an ideal mallet choice for lighter playing, when the music calls for a more delicate sound. A thinner diameter than the General, this mallet can create splashes on smaller-size gongs, and thinner, more articulate sounds on larger sizes or gongs with deeper profiles. Wind Gong mallets are yarn-wrapped, with a handle made from U.S. select hickory for excellent balance.

  • For airy and delicate gong sounds
  • Splashy accents on smaller-size gongs
  • Rhythmic playing on larger, deeper gongs
  • Length: 38,74 cm
  • Head dia: 5,08 cm