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K&M 12246 Double Led FlexLight


Music stand light - Double 4 LED FlexLight

€14,75 /kpl
(€11,90 alv 0)
Tuoteno: 25512246


Powerful and multifunctional dual-headed light with 2 flexible goosenecks which allow the musician to focus light to a pinpoint or evenly over a larger area. The light provides comfort and versatility to accommodate a variety of lighting needs through 4 powerful LEDs rated for 100,000 hours on each head and two brightness settings. The latest LED technology guarantees a bright light source and minimal energy consumption. A practical and extra-wide clip provides for easy attachment to all music desks or table tops with a thickness of 25 mm. The light is powered by 3 (1.5 V AAA) batteries (included) with a typical battery life of 10 hours. Powered also by AC adapter (not included).

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