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K&M 21449


21449, kaiutinteline paketti. Kaksi säädettävää telinettä, kantolaukku ja sovitin renkaat (21326). Kantavuus 50 kg. Väri musta.

€118,00 /kpl
(€95,16 alv 0)
Tuoteno: 25521449


Two easy-to-carry speaker stands made of high quality aluminum in a carrying case. Fiberglass-reinforced fittings and a compact clamp with a patented push-button system affords user-friendly height adjustment and ensures stable support for the speakers. The leg construction adjusts by an easy-to-use clamping lever.

  • Height from 1,270 to 1,930 mm
  • Height adjustment locking screw with push-button system
  • Leg construction tube legs with cross braces
  • Material: aluminum
  • Max. load capacity 50 kg
  • Rod combination 2-piece folding design
  • Adapter sleeves 21326 included to fit 38mm mounts
  • Tube end(s) diameter 35 mm
  • Type black
  • Weight 6.01 kg

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