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Kaikki Natal-rummut on valmistettu laadukkaasti ilman kompromisseja. Valitse sinulle sopivin shell-pack ja täydennä settisi erittäin tukevilla Natal-telineillä. Kaikki Natal-bassorummut on varustettu tukevilla, pinta-asennetuilla teleskooppijaloilla, joissa vahvat kumistopparit. Virveleissä ja Tomeissa on 2,3mm korkealaatuiset vanteet.

Natal pro series hardware is engineered for strength and functionality, so you can be confident that your drums and cymbals will be held securely in their optimum playing position. High quality materials have been used throughout and every component is subject to strict quality control. Each item has been designed with the player in mind.

Whether you are a professional musician, or in it just for fun, there will be something in the Natal Percussion range for you, from hand percussion to cajons. All Natal percussion instruments are designed and built to the highest standard of quality, whether in England or Thailand, so you can rely on an instrument that looks and sounds great.
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