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Carry-on by Blackstar - A new way to play.

Welcome to the world of Carry-on, the home of portable musical instruments. Developed by leading UK innovator Blackstar Amplification, we have a simple mission – to make playing and creating music accessible to as many people as possible; any age, any ability, anywhere.

The Carry-on team is made up of musicians and are truly passionate about the joy of making music and all the benefits it brings. Based in Northampton, England they are constantly working on new ideas to help make playing an instrument a part of everyone’s lives. With convenience and innovation at their heart, Carry-on instruments are small enough to fit in a backpack or plane overhead storage so you’ll never miss your play time. Whether you’re an aspiring beginner or a seasoned professional, a child or adult, Carry-on has a real instrument for your musical journey. Be inspired, be creative, have fun with Carry-on and play anywhere!


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