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Korg News 2020


Korg released a slew of new products during NAMM 2020.

New products 2020

KORG had loads of new stuff to show at NAMM 2020 – from creative DIY kits to full fledged synthesizers. Some of it is even already available – right now!

korg wavestate

Following in the footsteps of both OASYS and KRONOS, Wavestation takes the Wave Sequencing heritage from KORG's legendary Wavestation even further, expanding on its unique palette of lush, evolving pads and driving rhythms with extensive hands-on control and featuring the radically re-imagined Wave Sequencing 2.0.


korg sv-2

It's time for the new SV-2; the successor to the revered modern classic SV1, now with 1000% more sample data, an entirely new range of sounds as well as support for splits and layers. But still just as gorgeous!


korg kronos se


XE-20 is a digital piano for your home with extended automatic accompaniment for hours and hours of musical enjoyment.



ARP2600 FS

The first active noise canceling Headphones ever to come from Korg. The “Smart Monitoring” and “Sound Enhancing” functions allows you to truly customize your experience.

They also support both Siri and Google Assistant and are loaded with a hefty battery that gives you 36 hours of listening.

korg i3

Korg re-introduces the i3, reborn for a modern era. A synth/workstation to quickly get working and be creative, swiftly and expressively.


korg ek-50

Limitless – and loud – enjoyment with KORG EK-50 L – an EK-50 for the more ambitious performer. Best-in-class sound with immediacy and ease and 2x as loud as the original!


korg MW mixers

KORG introduces the new Soundlink Hybrid Mixer line. Designed together with legends Greg Mackie and Peter Watts, these hybrid analog/digital mini-consoles make creative mixing easy. Stunning sound quality and designed from a musicians point of view.MW mixers


korg pitchblack tuners

The Pitchblack mini, popular for its slim space-saving design and reliable tuning, is now available in three new enticing colors.


korg pitchblack tuners

Three new colors have been added to this standard pedal tuner. These are the first KORG tuners to use a powder coating. With its brilliance and depth, this beautiful finish is also extremely durable.



korg nutekt

The Nu:tekt range of DIY kits has been extend with both the OD-S Nutube Overdrive Kit as well as the likewise Nutube-equipped DIY Headphone amp kit HA-S. OD-S turns anyone into to a custom, boutique pedal builder – without any soldering necessary whatsoever and HA-S, which will add a warm, analog tube-driven signal boost to any sound source in no time!


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