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Arturia KeyLab Essential Black


Black versions of Arturia KeyLab Essential is now available in limited editions.

Arturia continues to create magnificent black versions of their iconic products. Following in the footsteps of BeatStep, KeyStep, BeatStep Pro MiniLab MkII and KeyLab 88 is KeyLab Essential which is now available for a limited time in the same striking, black finish.

Arturia’s affordable, full-featured MIDI controller is now available in a limited edition black finish for a limited time. KeyLab Essential Black Edition gives you dedicated DAW control, custom maps, great integration, and an amazing collection of music software to get you creating as soon as you open the box. The perfect controller for getting new producers up and running, or a superb addition to any pro’s setup, KeyLab Essential gives you maximum bang for your buck. Its mix of faders, rotary knobs, performance pads, and that all important, super-playable keyboard make sure every element of your sound is right at your fingertips.

Both the 49- and 61-key models have been blackified and they also includes the following software:

• Arturia Analog Lab Lite – Thousands of preset sounds from the award-winning V Collection.

• UVI Grand Piano Model D – The sound the famous German Model D grand piano at your fingertips, sampled in exquisite detail.

• Ableton Live Lite – One of the most intuitive, popular production platforms around.


Make the most out of your studio

Helping you focus on your music, rather than your computer, KeyLab Essential Black Edition bridges the gap between software and hardware, giving you intuitive control over your whole software studio, from DAW to virtual instruments. The powerful map settings effectively make this 8 controllers in one, so whatever collection of rack synths, virtual instruments, sound modules, or recording software you’ve decked your studio out in, KeyLab Essential will make you the master of it all.

The perfect controller for any musician

KeyLab Essential Black Edition has you covered, whether you’re working on a Mac, PC, or a mobile device. Using just one USB socket to transmit MIDI and receive power, you won’t be swamped with wires, and KeyLab Essential is also class compliant, meaning that - put simply - it just works. Its dedicated DAW Command Center puts the most frequently used functions and transport control features within easy reach. Use the rotaries and faders to adjust levels and mix your track in your DAW, or tweak the parameters of a virtual instrument. The possibilities are almost endless.

Limited edition

If you prefer things on the dark side, this limited edition KeyLab Essential is for you: a cool, striking alternative to the traditional bright white Arturia look. It’s not just about the looks, don’t forget that this amazing MIDI controller also comes with Arturia Analog Lab, Ableton Live Lite, and UVI Grand Piano Model D, giving you thousands of expertly crafted synth and keyboard sounds, and a powerful creative environment to record, edit, mix, and release your tracks.


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