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ARTURIA Pigments-3 download code

Monipuolinen softasyntikka. Latauskoodituote.


Pigments 3 on moderni softasyntetisaattori, joka kattaa synteesin monet puolet. Erilaisine synteesimoottoreineen, kätevine modulaationeen sekä studiotason efekteineen siinä riittää tutkailtavaa syvällisempäänkin leuansivelyyn.

Uutta Pigments 3:ssa

  • Harmooninen oskillaattori additiiviseen synteesiin
  • Kolmas Utility moottori syvyyden ja sävyjen lisäämiseen
  • 64 uutta wavetablea metallisiin, aggressiivisiin soundeihin
  • Neljä uutta efektiä, mm. Pitch Shift Delay ja Chorus JUN-6 
  • Jup-8 V:n ikoninen low pass filtteri
  • Kehittyneempi filtteri ja efektireititys
  • Uudet in-app tutoriaalit
  • 200 uutta presettiä


Blend any two engines in parallel, with a choice of:

  • Harmonic engine for powerful additive synthesis
  • Sample and granular engine (with hundreds of built-in samples)
  • Advanced Wavetable engine (with over 160 wavetables)
  • Virtual Analog triple OSC engine

Third Utility engine

  • Analog-style oscillator layer with 5 waveforms and 6-octave range
  • Dual noise sample players with built-in sample library

Dual filters

  • 12 filter types to choose from, including new Jup-8 V filter
  • Classic filter types from V Collection instruments
  • Modern filter types
  • Continuous series/parallel routing

Advanced FX section

  • 18 algorithms to choose from, including new Multiband compressor
  • Insert or Send routing
  • 2 FX buses and 1 FX send
  • Modulable parameters

Advanced modulation system:

  • Modulate anything with anything with a click and drag
  • Multiple LFOs, envelopes, functions, random generators, and more
  • Graphical editing, source-based or destination based.

Visual interface: understand your sound

  • Graphical representation of the most important modules (wavetable, envelops, LFO morphing etc.)

Polyrhythmic Sequencer and Arpeggiator

  • Advanced randomization, quantization, and polyrhythm controls
  • Create complex, custom, and evolving sequences or arps

Extensive factory preset library

  • Expanded to a total of 1200 factory sounds
  • Sounds crafted by major artists and world-class sound designers
  • Highlighted ‘notes’ to show what parameters are recommended to tweak

Enhanced in-app tutorials

  • Learn synthesis as you go, starting with the basics and working up to advanced sound design