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Hartke HD508


Lightweight 4 x 8" Bass Combo - 500 Watt

€699,00 /kpl
(€563,71 alv 0)
Tuoteno: 1521508


Hartke HD-sarja tarjoaa basistille parhaimmat puolet molemmista maailmoista. Klassisen pahvikalvon lämmin ja täyteläinen sävy yhdistettynä alumiinikartion selkeään, napakkaan atakkiin. Miten tämä on mahdollista? Patentoidun Hydrive-hybridikaiuttimen kalvon ulompi reunus ja ripustus on perinteisesti paperia, joka tuottaa lämpimän alarekisterin ja kalvon sisäosan alumiinirakenne puolestaan tuottaa selkeän keskialueen ja tarkan diskantin. Voimakas, mutta ultrakevyt neodynium-magneetti tarjoaa 250 W tehonkeston ja painaa 40% vähemmän kuin vastaavat perinteiset kaiutinelementit.

The HyDrive Design

HyDrive speakers feature carefully crafted paper/aluminum hybrid cone drivers. The hybrid makeup delivers an exceptional blend of warmth and attack that can't be attained by traditional all-paper bass speakers. And specific to the HD508, packing four 8” HyDrive speakers into a single cabinet creates a combined cone area larger than that of a 15” speaker and is able to reproduce a wider audio range than a single 15.

Power and Portability

Beyond the impeccable tone of the HyDrive speakers, the HD508 offers tremendous power in a highly-portable design. Its lightweight Class D amplifier produces an earth shaking 500 watts of power capable of filling any rehearsal space, recording studio or performance venue. And weighing just 49 pounds in all, the HD508 can be easily transported via its molded strap carry handle, metal side carry handles or removable casters.

Shape Your Tone

The HD508 includes a selectable Shape circuit that allows you to dial in a specialized EQ curve designed to improve tone through selective boosts and cuts across the frequency range. Additionally, a 3-band EQ provides further customization options.

  • Amplifier: Class D, top-mounted control panel
  • Rated Output Power: 500W Peak
  • Rated Input Level: 77.46mv rms (@1kHz)
  • Speakers: Four 8" paper/aluminum cone drivers
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.54% (@1dB below rated output)
  • Signal To Noise Ratio: 1W/49.3dBu (1Wrms @1kHz)
  • Equalizer Center Frequency: Bass: 70Hz, Mid: 700Hz, Treble: 5kHz
  • Controls: Volume, Shape, Bass, Mid, Treble
  • Shape Control: 100Hz–900Hz
  • Input: 1/4" instrument, 1/8" stereo Aux
  • Outputs: 1/4" headphone, XLR direct out
  • Effects Loop: 1/4" Send, 1/4" Return
  • Cabinet Design: 5/8" plywood, shelf port
  • Grille: Perforated metal
  • Handles: Molded strap (steel reinforced),
  • 2x inset handles
  • Additional: 4x removable casters, 8x protective corners
  • Product Dimensions: 551mm x 508mm x 305mm
  • Product Weight: 22.2kg

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