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Hagström Three Kings Limited Editions

Hagstrom Three Kings is a limited run series of guitars based on the three best selling solid bodies, Swede, Super Swede and Ultra Swede.


Blue blooded axes

Why call them the Three Kings? One possibility is a connection with Swedish royal history or with ancient Scandinavian folkore, and, in fact, this would not be too far off the mark. But a much simpler reason they’re called the Three Kings is because there are three of them and, well, … THEY RULE!


A dark, heraldic motif centered on a raised medallion embedded into the top is set off by black chrome hardware elements and black pearloid binding. Handsomely tooled knobs, custom-made by Q-Parts® specifically for this project, complete the package.

Lundgren Guitar Pickups

Swedish mastermind Johan Lundgren has designed a set of humbucking pickups that is great for any type of music, but would also offer a level of dynamics and intensity enabling entry into heavier, edgier, more progressive domains.

Graph-Tech Ratio® tuned machine heads

The guitars are also equipped with a set of Ratio® tuning machines by Graph-Tech®. Each string is mated to a tuning machine with a custom gear ratio so that one turn equals one tone, regardless of the string. Predictable, precise and efficient, Ratio® makes tuning intuitive and natural.

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