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At the occasion of the release of the new Analog Lab 2 we offer some great deals on Keylab-25, 49 och 61 and 49-Black Edition

The offer is valid through 2016-07-31

The accompanying Analog Lab 2 is loaded with news. How about new instruments such as Stage-73 V, Piano V, Farfisa V, B-3 V and Synclavier-V. There is a new user interface and an abundance of new, fresh presets – even for ARP 2600 V, CS-80V, Farfisa V, Jup-8V, Matrix 12 V, Mini V, Modular V, Prophet V, Prophet VS, SEM V, Solina V, Vox V and Wurli V.

The Keylab series is now also accessible in the drop down menu for MIDI controllers in Ableton Live for optimal integration

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